The volunteers and staff of MTCC continue a ministry that began in 1958, because we know that in a camping context when people are exposed to quality teaching of God’s word, and receive grace and care that Christ changes people’s lives for the better.

We are encouraged every time you let us know that God has been at work in your life, or in the life of someone close to you, through your experience with us here. There are many testimonies of how God has turned people’s lives around, to His glory, through a convention held here at our Mt Tamborine Facility – ABN: 36 459 541 472

Your donations make a crucial contribution to our ongoing ministry.  The minimum donation required below is $20.00, and we appreciate the financial support you are able to give us for this vital ministry.

* Please note: All donations received from now (June 2017) until the end of Oct 2017 will be directed towards the “2017 Gift for Life Project.” This project is to support the refurbishment of the TLF Building for the TLC ministry of working with young mums and their children to give them tools for life. 

We accept Visa or MasterCard.
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Handling Under or Over Subscriptions for Specific Fundraising Appeals:

If MTCC makes a specific purpose appeal and some or all of the money raised cannot be applied to the original purpose for reasons beyond MTCC’s control (for example the appeal is oversubscribed or under-subscribed), it is MTCC’s intention that the money unable to be used for the original purpose will be applied to a similar project.

Thank you

Dave Allan
CEO Mt Tamborine Conference Centre