Vision, Mission, Values


Our Vision is to see Mount Tamborine Convention (MTC) widely recognised for trusted Bible teaching, meaningful and relevant for today’s world


Our Mission is to partner with Evangelical Churches and Colleges, Mission organisations and other ministries, to equip Christians to live effectively in Christ Jesus and provide opportunities for anyone to consider the claims and contemporary relevance of the Gospel.

We Value:

• Personal transformation by Word and Spirit

• The careful exposition of the Bibleˆ, meaningful and relevant to both Christians and inquirers alike

• The dignity and worth of all human beings as special creations by God

• “All one in Christ Jesus”, connoting evangelical unity across denominations and across generations

• Collaboration with evangelical church and ministry partners in the Gospel

The term evangelical derives from the Greek word euangelion meaning “gospel” or “good news” (evangel). The term evangelische kirche (“evangelical church”) emerged during the Reformation to connote a return to authentic Christianity as represented in the New Testament. Evangelical refers to a person, church, or organization that is committed to the Christian gospel message that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of humanity and is taken to mean those “born again” who cherish the Bible as absolutely authoritative and trustworthy. Evangelicals are defined by their beliefs and faith not subculture. By definition, evangelicals are focussed on sharing the “good news”, the “evangel” or Gospel.

*MTC interprets this definition of the term evangelical with reference to the MTC Statement of Faith.
ˆMTC Interprets the Bible with reference to the MTC Statement of Faith – Our Beliefs.